Sex After Menopause

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Sex After Menopause

Lots of changes occur after the menopause, and one of the most common is the change in your sex life.

Because menopause is associated with diminished Estrogen production, tissues stimulated by Estrogen will be effected. Vaginal dryness can occur, and sex can become painful, thus leading to decreased interest.

A recent study published the summer in the journal Menopause, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31290761 followed more than 4000 women and found that only 22% of postmenopausal women were sexually active!

There are 2 main reasons this takes place: the lack of estrogen causes vaginal tissues to become less lubricated causing vaginal pain, and sexual desire diminishes after the menopause because of the change in a variety of hormones

It’s important to discuss these symptoms with your doctor as many treatments are available to improve your sex life after the menopause.