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Birth Control

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Choosing a method of birth control that meets your family planning needs isn’t always easy. Board-certified gynecologist Jeffrey Obron, MD, in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, can talk to you about birth control and provide recommendations that work best for you. Dr. Obron is an experienced physician who takes a personalized and holistic approach to care, listening intently to your concerns, answering your questions, and providing thorough explanations. Call today or schedule your birth control consultation online.

What should I know about birth control?

Birth control includes medications, devices, and methods aimed at preventing unintended pregnancies. You have many options, but some forms of birth control work better than others. 

Deciding what type of birth control is best for you depends on many factors, like your sexual activity, overall health, and future pregnancy plans. Dr. Obron is an experienced and attentive gynecologist who can help you find the right method.

How does birth control work?

How birth control prevents pregnancy depends on the type. Examples of birth control include:

Permanent methods

Permanent methods of birth control are for people with no future pregnancy plans. Dr. Obron performs a tubal ligation for women, cutting or blocking the fallopian tube to stop the egg and sperm from meeting.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) 

LARCs include the intrauterine device (IUD) or hormonal implant. These methods work by stopping ovulation (release of egg during the menstrual cycle) or making it impossible for sperm to reach the egg for fertilization.

When placing birth control devices, like the IUD, Dr. Obron uses anesthesia to keep you comfortable.

Short-acting hormonal methods

Short-acting hormonal methods of birth control (the birth control pill, birth shot, and patch) work by stopping ovulation, making it too hard for sperm to reach the egg, and preventing uterine implantation.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms block sperm from reaching the egg. Condoms also protect against some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Natural methods

Natural methods of birth control require women to track their menstrual cycle and avoid sexual intercourse on the most fertile days.

I worry about cancer. Are hormonal methods of birth control safe?

Hormonal birth control methods like the birth control pill and hormonal IUDs are safe for most people. There’s some research linking hormonal birth control with gynecological cancers like breast cancer. 

Dr. Obron can talk to you about birth control safety during your consultation and discuss the risks and benefits of the different types of birth control. 

For most people, the benefits far outweigh the risks, especially with today’s low-dose hormonal methods. 

What method of birth control is best for me?

If you need help with family planning, schedule an appointment with Dr. Obron. He listens to your concerns, answers your questions, and provides thorough explanations about your options.

Call the office of Jeffrey Obron, MD, today or click the online booking button to schedule your birth control consultation.